My Response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Produced and Donated Personal Protective Equipment

In early April, as the coronavirus outbreak in New York City hurtled toward full-blown crisis, I volunteered my skills in engineering design and 3D printing to support the manufacturing of personal protective equipment (PPE) which were in short supply. Like many members of the 3D printing circle keen to assist in slowing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, I got to work in my apartment producing prototype face masks and face shields by modifying open-source designs. What started as a hobby, quickly turned to a duty to help frontline workers and others leading the response effort in whatever small way I could.

If you are in need of face masks or face shields, please fill out the order form below and I will do my best to help you!

"In a time when so much is uncertain, the need for concentrated relief efforts is paramount." If you know someone with access to a 3D printer, please join the movement! Use the contact form on the main page to request the 3D files.

Dentist Face Shields

In late May, a local dentist reached out to me saying that her clinic was in dire need of face shields, as the ones they ordered online were delayed and new orders would take too long arrive.
Problem Statement:
• Design a face shield to be worn over the face of dental professionals
• Reduce the risk of contact with infectious splash, splatter and spray to protect face better than glasses and masks alone
• Distance between face and the shield must be 2.5" at minimum, because magnifying loupes and lights have to fit
• Shield must extend as far back as possible from the sides, preferably up to ears
• Comfortable to be worn for a long period of time
• Designed and delivered face shields within 3 days to the dentist's office
• Fit over dentist glasses, loupes, lights and masks
• 11x17 size plastic cover covered the full face, up to the ears
• Cushion lining between forehead and mask allowed for a comfortable, relaxed fit
• Ability to adjust length of elastic strap by untying the knot, or simply replacing the strap for a larger size
   * Future designs could adjust strap length by using fabric with a hat buckle instead of elastic
• Mini-shield on top protected from overhead splatter
• Shields can be disinfected, washed and reused, thus reducing waste
• All parts of the face shield can be replaced so the dentist can discard the plastic, strap or padding if needed
• This face shield is perfect for: Dentists, Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists and Lab Techs

Front Front View
Back Back View
Dentist1 Dentist 1
Dentist2 Dentist 2

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Visualization of COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 case data is the most important data right now. It’s the basis of how we’re seeing and measuring the impact of this virus in the world.

Today, we are flooded with all sorts of COVID-19 related data. While it is important to stay up to date with the latest information, it is also important to understand the data we are looking at to make better, more informed decisions. As states start to reopen, the perception and understanding of the lawmakers and general public must align with the facts.
Click the visualizations below to interact with the full dashboard. Get the data: OWID and NYT.

Python Visualizer


Tableau Visualizer